Jergens Moisturizer

In winters we all need heavy moisturizer for skin. I moisturize twice a day, morning after shower and nite before hitting bed.
I use Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer

DIY: Homemade Scrub

Things you will need: Rice, Oats, Milk
+Rice is a great exfoliator

+Milk is a great cleanser and lightens scar  
Oats are excellent skin cleanser and emollient

Loreal Hot Straight

I have huge curly hair,though i like them curly, i occassionally straighten my hair. I love the feeling of open,silky,straight hair.
So while straightening our hair thermal spray plays a huge role of saving our hair from getting burned!!!
So i dont want to take risk, i have used many thermal spray currently i am using this Loreal Hot Straight

Lotus Aloehydra Moisturizing Gel

What it says:-  It contains extract of entire leaf of AloeVera Barbadensis Miller plant which is rich in essential Polysaccharides,Vitamins and Minerals and therefore contributes in enhancing considerable levels of moisturization. Suitable for all skin types. 2mins to supple skin.

15 Seemingly Not-So-Serious Bloopers

1. Not Eating Oranges
Vitamin c works towards protecting the collagen in your skin, that can prevent sagging. Eat atleast 1 orange a day, or take a dose of vitamin c(upto 2000gms) in tablets form. Sprouts,lemons and amla are storehouses of vitamin C.

My Earring Collection!!! Part 1

I love earrings like anything. They actually enhance your face and features.
So these are my collection,

VOV Eyeliner

I was just roaming around with my friends shopping and came across this eyeliner. 
Now VOV is a Korean brand, though these products are cheap they work really well..
 Here are the swatches,

Say goodbye to dry days

Take short showers (no more than 10mins)
Use warm water. hot water feels good on cold morning, but it strip skins  natural oils,leaving it dehydrated and itchy.

Use mild cleanser
Opt for mild face and body washes-the milkier looking,the better. Steer clear of harsh detergent such as triclosan and ammonium lauryl sulfate,instead,check the label for gentle surfactants like sodium laureth sulfate and cocoamidopropyl betaine.

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipcolour

After reading good reviews about Lakmes 9 to 5 lipcolour i went ahead and bought one!!
The packaging is pretty okay. Very nice colour,will suit all indian skin tone.
Price:- 300/-
Shade:-  cocoa creme no 54

Demure Days Make up tips

Day Make Up
Most people are at office under flourscent lights or in sunlight, during the day time and so the use of sheer,natural and neutral colors are a must.

All about toners

Facial Skin Toner

The use of toners might be one of the least understood elements in your skin care routine. We know what cleansers do. We know what moisturizers do. But what, exactly, does a toner do? 

Toner is applied between cleansing and moisturizing. When you cleanse your skin, you generally use warm water to open your pores so the cleaning ingredients can wash away dirt and oil easily. However, leaving your pores open is just an invitation to collect more grime, oil and other pollutants. Therefore, one important function of a facial toner is to close your pores.

Toners are also formulated to help restore the skin's optimal pH balance after cleansing, and stimulate and brighten the skin.For sensitive skin toner helps to sooth the skin. Toners also make your skin prepared to absorb your moisturizer and get the best of it.

There are various toners available in market depending upon your skin type,

Rose water:-

Rose water was my first toner and the best toner i would say!!! It well suit dry,oily,normal,combination skin type.
It is soooo refreshing and gives a nice glow to your face. I have oily skin but it dint make my skin oily or nything.
I loved it all the time i use it.

Tip 1:- use alcohol free toner else it will make your skin dry.

my mini haul

My cousin sis wedding is on jan so getting prepared for it,these are some of the things i bought

  • Maybelline dream matte mousse

I never used a foundation before,so my  1 tip: if ur also like me doesnt know the correct shade of foundation start with less xpensive product like maybelline,lakme,revlon,covergirl .
so i bought this after reading some good review on net!!!
Shade:- sandy beige medium 1
Weight:- 18g
Price:- 499/- but i got it for 450/-
Review:- Now this a mousse form not liquidy nor powder,i liked its consistency. It gives a pretty good skin is oily so this suits me,this doeant leave ur skin cakey or anything.Very smooth application thats the plus point.
Verdict:- yes i will recommend it to all,worth the product.

coconut oil.....

Wish u all a merry Xmas!!!

So i am new to blogging and pretty much xcited abt it and looking forward to it!!!

lets start....

Since being a south indian i have a very close relationship with coconuts. Let it b in any food coconut is very lavishly used and even its oil.

Coconut oil is best for skin & hair. And i pretty much accept it.
Here are the n number positives abt coconut oil-

  • Good for skin,hair,health, benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing etc.


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