15 Seemingly Not-So-Serious Bloopers

1. Not Eating Oranges
Vitamin c works towards protecting the collagen in your skin, that can prevent sagging. Eat atleast 1 orange a day, or take a dose of vitamin c(upto 2000gms) in tablets form. Sprouts,lemons and amla are storehouses of vitamin C.

2. Reading Fine Prints
Straining your forehead muscles while reading a fine print can cause your skin harm. Before you step out of your car or home into the hot sun,put on UV protected sunglasses so that you dont have to strain the muscles around your eyes,leading to Crows feet(tiny wrinkles on the sides of your eyes.)

3. Being In A Bad Mood
Try to smile as much as u can,in fact,make a conscious effort. Stress can show up on your face,no matter how well you take care of your skin.

4. Sipping On A Drink
Professional models are always taught to drink all beverages with a straw, not sip them straight from a glass.

5. Vigorous Brushing
Dont be too harsh while brushing your teeth. Remember,you are tugging and pushing the skin around your mouth while doing so.

6. Smoking
Cigarettes are the greatest enemy of good skin. The toxins are released not only leaving  your skin dull,dark and lifeless,but also fasten the onset of wrinkles. Stained teeth are just an added put off.

7.Using Soap
Dont use soap on your face. Use a facewash to get rid of the grime on your face.

8. Working In A Office
If you work in an air-condition office for long hours,you must follow a specific skin care routine. AC drives out essential oils and  natural moisturizing factors from the skin. these have to be supplemented on a four hourly basis to ensure that skin  remains hydrated.

9. Working With A Computer
If you work for long hours in front of computer,use a sunscreen mixed with a moisturizer. computers expose your skin to UV rays.

10. Leaving Makeup On
Dont go to bed with your makeup on. It can seep into the pores of your skin,clogging them. Make sure you wash your face twice before you retire for the day;once to get your makeup off,and a second time cleanse your skin. Dont use cheap cosmetic either. Moderately priced cosmetics are your best bet. They get the job done,and the ingredients are usually safe.

11. Not Exercising Your Face
This may sound Bizarre,but it works. Pinch your facial skin at 20 places on your face for a few seconds and then relax. Do this especially at spots where you feel the skin is sagging. This exercise will help increase the blood supply, and will leave your skin glowing. Another great exercise is to blow  big balloon at times.

12. Stocking Up Toxins
Detoxification is an important process that rids the body of toxins and other waste, that can leave skin looking like a rag. A simple paste made from coriander leaves and mint leaves and some curry leaves, can be consumed early in the morning. Its a good detox formula and also helps in weight control.

13. Rubbing Not Splashing
Get into habit of splashing water on your face while washing it, rather than rubbing your facial skin with fingers. Even while using facewash,first,make a lather on your palm and then apply gently on your face rather than foaming it directly on your cheeks.

14. Neglecting A Tan
Sometimes, tanning is inevitable. Dont panic. take a piece of ripe Papaya or a ripe  Banana and rub it for 15mins on the tan area. wash it off and use a moisturizer containing tea tree oil.

15. Leaving Skin Dry
Hydrate your face throughout the day. fill a spray bottle with distilled water, add a few drops of chamomile oil,shake it gently before each use, and spray it on.


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