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Facial Skin Toner

The use of toners might be one of the least understood elements in your skin care routine. We know what cleansers do. We know what moisturizers do. But what, exactly, does a toner do? 

Toner is applied between cleansing and moisturizing. When you cleanse your skin, you generally use warm water to open your pores so the cleaning ingredients can wash away dirt and oil easily. However, leaving your pores open is just an invitation to collect more grime, oil and other pollutants. Therefore, one important function of a facial toner is to close your pores.

Toners are also formulated to help restore the skin's optimal pH balance after cleansing, and stimulate and brighten the skin.For sensitive skin toner helps to sooth the skin. Toners also make your skin prepared to absorb your moisturizer and get the best of it.

There are various toners available in market depending upon your skin type,

Rose water:-

Rose water was my first toner and the best toner i would say!!! It well suit dry,oily,normal,combination skin type.
It is soooo refreshing and gives a nice glow to your face. I have oily skin but it dint make my skin oily or nything.
I loved it all the time i use it.

Tip 1:- use alcohol free toner else it will make your skin dry.


  1. I have used now currently using Aroma magic toner which is alcohol free,...

  2. i m also using gulabari..aroma magic which one???

  3. i think there is only one toner im not sure...will let you know



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