Demure Days Make up tips

Day Make Up
Most people are at office under flourscent lights or in sunlight, during the day time and so the use of sheer,natural and neutral colors are a must.

Where to begin:-  Pare it down to the essentials. Start with the elements you cant live without and build from there. For me its MASCARA. Mascara is makeups 'little black dress'. it works on everyone. It is a quick way to accent the eyes without wearing any other makeup. It could also be a pencil applied close to the lashline, or a sweep of soft shadow across the lid. Whilst applying,pull your eyelid up slightly with your ring finger. This will allow you the closest access possible to the base of the eyelid.

Eyeshadow:-  The most basic and easiest of all shadow technique is to use a large eye shadow brush,start at the lashline and extend to just over the crease,always blending upwards and outwards. This is clean and simple and looks good duing daylight.

Lips:-  For sun kissed lips,slick on a light pink or peach liquid lip colour. When working with pencils, fill entire lips by blending in from the edges. Since pencils are drier, they last longer than anything you put on the top of them. 

Cheeks:-  For the fresh cheeks with a rosy glow,use a cream blush. Dab a little on fingertips and then apply to the apples of the cheeks


  1. very true, a blush and a mascara just lifts u up

  2. yes..mascara really wakes up your eyes..



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