DIY: Homemade Scrub

Things you will need: Rice, Oats, Milk
+Rice is a great exfoliator

+Milk is a great cleanser and lightens scar  
Oats are excellent skin cleanser and emollient
Method: Take rice and oats in equal quantity and crush them in a grinder not finely just crush them. You need it to be in granular form.
Now take some milk  in a bowl and put the rice and oat mixture in the bowl, let it sit for 2-3 min, so that the oats absorb all the milk. You will get the scrub in creamy and granular form which is enough to scrub away dead skin and dirt.

How i use it: Cleanse my face,pat dry.. Then apply the rice scrub avoiding eye area, scrub scrub scrub gently gently gently not more than 2min. Wash off with warm water. I use cold rose water as toner and close all the pores. After scrubbing it feels soo good as baby soft skin is revealed. Dont forget to Moisturize!!!

WARNING:- Dont scrub your face more than twice a week.


  1. nice ...i have not used rice as a scrub though use oats many times :)

  2. rice act as great exfoliator,,i use this scrub since my mom told works much better than st ives

  3. awesome post! Love that's it's all natural!!!

  4. Wow you have to see my own body scrub mix. At olive oil, sugar and cinnamon.

  5. will try this...nice blog n ty for following me



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