Lotus Aloehydra Moisturizing Gel

What it says:-  It contains extract of entire leaf of AloeVera Barbadensis Miller plant which is rich in essential Polysaccharides,Vitamins and Minerals and therefore contributes in enhancing considerable levels of moisturization. Suitable for all skin types. 2mins to supple skin.

Direction to use:-  Pat gently all over face to relieve dryness. Maybe used under makeup or alone. Use everyday.

Active Ingredients:-  Aloevera, Rose, Honey and Water

What i say:-  I have oily skin and i have heard that gel type moisturizers suits oily skin best. Now this product well moisturized my skin,it spreads easily and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It dint make my skin oily initially but later on it was like too oily and sticky!!! EEWWW
Another thing abt this product is that after getting absorbed into skin it feels very taut on skin, which i dint like.
Now i am using this only at night. I have been using this for 8days and have spotted no big difference.

Price:- Rs 180/- for 100g

Verdict:- No!!! I wont recommend this to Anyone.


  1. ooo..too bad it doesnt work..thanks for the review..

  2. I like its fragrance but I noticed it doesn't seep in your kin at all. Yes it is sticky for sure!! Glad I read your review before Posting mine. :)<3



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