Say goodbye to dry days

Take short showers (no more than 10mins)
Use warm water. hot water feels good on cold morning, but it strip skins  natural oils,leaving it dehydrated and itchy.

Use mild cleanser
Opt for mild face and body washes-the milkier looking,the better. Steer clear of harsh detergent such as triclosan and ammonium lauryl sulfate,instead,check the label for gentle surfactants like sodium laureth sulfate and cocoamidopropyl betaine.

Slather on rich moisturizer
Post shower,pat skin dry and apply an oil based cream instead of a lighter lotion to better trap and lock in moisture into skin. To boost absorption,warm your jar of cream in a sink of hot water while you shower.

Moisturize again before bed
Hydrating skin atleast twice a day is ideal- after morning shower or bath and then right before turning in for the night. There is a slight elevation in body temperature while your sleeping,so products seep into your skin better.
Have a happy winters!!!

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