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Facial ubtan by Forest Essentials.
This is my first product from Forest Essential store. The first time i visited the store i fell in love with this place, i was surrounded by soo many natural products and every product had their respective tester ready. They had the most aromatic products,it really felt heaven. Soo much of exited was me to come home and try this product on my face. I picked this up as it was an ubtan,it can b used as face pack as well as mild scrub.
Not very fond of this packaging,since this lid keep pissing me off


What it claims:-
• Instant Radiance • Firming • Toning


My experiance:-
No doubt, once i arrived home with this product i tried them first thing and can't express the joy in words,it actually felt like i was in a spa,the fragrance was amazing,citrusy. I love citrusy and fruity flavours. It makes me all happy :)
Since then i have been using Narangi Nageskar Facial Ubtan twice a week before taking bath. I mix it with rose water most of the time or elze curd. I put it as a face pack once its semi dry,i scrub it mildy. It really gives that instant glow which stays on for the entire day. With continuous use i did see lightening in skin blemishes and getting even skin tone.

* the best face pack which worked for me
* suitable for sensitive skin
* love the citrusy aroma
* give you the instant glow
* even your skin tone
* helps to fade blemishes

* price maybe,but the amount you need is really less. So not really any con.

Rating:- 4/5. Minus 1 for the price and availability,since i dont have Forest Essential store near my place. 

Its a must try product for everyone.

Which is your favourite facepack??
Do comment below.

Make peace n spread happiness :)  <3


  1. That sounds good yaar......Nice Review dear

    1. yea,its awesome product.
      thanx for reading :)

  2. from granny's home remedy to hi-end beauty stores...ubtan sure has come a long way...lol.....nyc post

    let's follow each other

    1. very true :) thanx for reading :)
      would love to check out your blog too :)

  3. I've used only Biotique's fruit face pack. it used work really well in the beginning. Now it just tones my skin. Will have to check this out sometime soon :)



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