Review: Lotus Alphamoist

hie ladiess,,hows yall.??.
In Mumbai its getting really dry climate. My skin is reacting badly to the weather. I started using my Lotus Alphamoist moisturizer. I have oily and sensitive skin so i look out for herbal products most of the time and Lotus Herbals is a brand which never let me down apart from one or two products. So lets get started,

Sturdy and opaque  bottle,comes with pump dispenser which is hygienic


What it claims:-
 Plant derived Alpha hydroxy extracts present in this light oil free moisturizer replenish moisture,provide a vibrant smooth complexion and reveal fresh newer skin.

 Price:- 175/- INR 

 My experiance:-
i apply twice daily. A pea size is enough,spread easily and get absorbed well. I feet pleasant cooling sensation every time i apply. I could see clear change in my skin dryness and reduction in stretchy feeling. I haven't experianced any changes in my blemishes yet. 

* does what it claims of keeping skin moisturized
 *good for all skin types 
*easily gets absorbed 
*no breakouts(yayy my sensitive skin is happy dancing) 

 *nothing at all, as i dint expect it to do wonders to my skin apart from good moisturization 

 4/5. Minus 1 because no effect on my blemishes..:( 

 If you got some remedy for blemishes,do comment below. 
Would definetly try them. 
 Make peace. Tc <3 


  1. Hello, I have given you an award on my blog. Please accept. It's very fun and interesting!!

  2. Hey nice review Dear...Even I am using Lotus Albrightening and whitening Emulsoin...It is really nice
    This is my FB id!/radha.krishnakumar1

    1. @Rasa nandini thnx for stopping by. :)



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