Review: TBS Seaweed Toner

hello beauties, 

I was never a toner girl being too lazy to use them :p
But somehow this Seaweed Toner grabbed my attention and so bought it. I have very few products from TBS, yet to get hands on many stuffs.
TBS has some really good products, i am waiting for their next sale to come up!!  :)  waiting waiting

It has transparent bottle,with flip flap lid.


What it claims:-

This alcohol-free, refreshing and purifying toner helps to 
re balance combination skin.
  • Purifies
  • Refreshes
  • Prepares skin for moisturiser


My experience:-
I have been using this religiously since a long time, so yea it stays with you for a pretty good 3 months. I use it after cleansing,taking few drops on cotton pad and applying on my skin. It does give you that little tingly sensation and a bit if cooling effect. It doesn't feel oily or sticky after applying. Then i immediately proceed with my moisturizer. I have observed that once i use toner,moisturizer get absorbed easily plus your skin feel supple for a longer time. My skin looks healthy and pores do minimize,but sadly the effect lasts for 4-5hrs(still not bad)

* minimize pore size
*gives you refreshed feeling
*helps making your skin smooth and supple
*OH ha good thing is it doesn't have alcohol in it :)

*i really don't see much of a difference on my skin by incorporating this product in my routine

Rating:- 3/5 mm you can easily chuck this product,apart from if you have big pores problem give it a try.

Hope you liked comment below if you have used this and your experience about it.
What are other good toners according to you?

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  1. I have never tried this one, but I do like the Body Shop's Vitamin E toner. Great post!

    Following <3

    1. yup TBS vitamin E toner is good too for dry skinned people.

      thanx for following <3
      definetly will chekc out your blog :)

  2. Nice product Dear I am using Fab India Lavender Toner :)

    1. I haven tried fab indias tea tree dint suit my sensitive skin. thanx for your comments :)

  3. hi hun nice blog u got here
    check mi out sometime
    happieee december :)
    congratz on the award sweety :)

  4. I tried the tea tree toner but it was too drying on my skin :( I might give this one a try! :)

    Check out my blog if you have time:



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